A Win For Kratom in Tennessee

A Win For Kratom in Tennessee

On April 25th, 2018, Tennessee inhabitants who enjoy Kratom, along with the remainder of the country, was holding their breath. Kratom could be prohibited within this state.

Even long-time respected vendors like kwik-kratom.com could have been banned.

The Kratom community had won.

No individual below the age of 21 can purchase Kratom in this state.

The Way It Happened

(The amendment we were worried about was the banning of Kratom in Tennessee).

The Committee further recommends the following amendment be adopted: by deleting Sections 10 and 11, substituting instead the next, and redesignating the subsequent sections accordingly:


(A) It is a crime for a Individual to intentionally:

(i) Sell, or offer for sale, Kratom unless labeled and in its normal form;

(ii) Distribute, sell, or offer available Kratom to someone below the age of twenty (21) years; or even

(iii) Buy or have Kratom if under the age of twenty-one (21) years.

(B) For purposes of this subdivision (a)(3):

(i)”Labeled” means a tag containing the manufacturer’s information and also a warning that includes, at a minimum,”Warning: Don’t use if you’re pregnant or nursing. It’s illegal to own Kratom if under 21 decades old. Ask your health care professional prior to using. Don’t mix with alcohol or drugs. Consult a physician prior to use if you have any heart disease, liver disease, high blood pressure, or medical condition or take medication.” ; and

(ii)“Organic form” means dried, cut, and sifted Kratom leaf or raw Kratom leaf powder.

Tennessee passed this bill in our favor with a vote of 23 to 2. In other words, the bill has passed both the House and the Senate and will likely be traveling into the sheriff’s desk to be signed.

This was a really frightening moment for its Kratom community.

For a little while, the banning of Kratom appeared concrete and it appeared like our voices weren’t being discovered.

However, this is the proof that your voice IS being discovered by our representatives!

The Kratom community, the Botanical Education Alliance, and the American Kratom Association are all fighting small battles you might not have ever heard of yet.

This is the reason why you should not give up fighting Kratom.

Whatever state you reside in, it is so imperative that you create your calls, utilize Resistbot to write your agents, and set a voice together with the person who will be making these decisions for you.

You are just one person, but you are the difference-maker.

When you set off calling today, or if you set off writing now, that may signify that the difference gets a little wider.

Education Yourself, To Educate Them

It’s important you understand the truth behind Kratom and some factions within our government want it banned.

The Kratom Association includes a webpage devoted to helping you educate yourself on these details . Look at them and learn each one so you can be ready the next time you call or write your representative.

This is a triumph for your Kratom community and today you should be proud of yourself.

Little victories like these give us more grip, and they are proof not everyone in our government needs Kratom gone.

So pick up the phone, take a while to write a letter with Resistbot, be proactive and create a video testimonial for our authorities .

Only do something.

Who is with me?

If you are, click one of the share buttons on this article and spread the message into your treasured social media channel utilizing #IAmKratom.

Let’s do this.

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