Progressive Laws Around The World


Progressive Laws Around The World

The advance in technology and communications systems had provided us with the opportunity to know a lot of things that are happening around the world. Some of the events that happen might make us think that we are a lot better when compared to them. At the same time, some events might make us feel that we have a long way to go, and we are lagging behind big time. This is the general thought that most of the people have who live in conservative countries. Some of the laws around the world are very progressive, and it is benefiting a lot of people. In this article, we will see in detail the progressive laws around the world.

Same-sex marriage

Everyone in this world should understand that being gay or a lesbian is not a crime. It is a very natural thing. In the year 2001, the Netherlands became the first country to accept and legalize same-sex marriages. Some of the countries that later came that has legalized same-sex marriages are Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, England and the United States. It is sad to know that some of the most technically advanced countries are still taking this LGBT thing so seriously.

Same-sex marriage

Marijuana legalization

It is a proven fact that marijuana has a lot of medicinal values, and it has a lot of advantages that would benefit humans in many ways. Still, because of that one flaw, it has most of the countries have not legalized it. Some of the countries that have legalized the use of marijuana are Colombia, some particular states in the US, Canada and a lot of other countries. There are some countries that have given permission to use them for medical purposes.

Criminalizing marital rape

Just because a couple is married, it does not give husbands complete authority over their wives. Especially when it comes to sex, it can be done only with the consent of their partner. Forcing them to have sexual relationships will be considered as rape, and it is punishable by law. Marital rape is recognized as rape in many countries. The first country to do that was Sweden. Later countries like Malaysia, Brazil, France, Finland, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and lots of other countries have joined the race and made this as a law.

Requirements of the politicians


The majority of the problems faced by the people in many countries are because of the decisions made by uneducated and immoral politicians in power. If it was not for them, the world would be a better place in many aspects and peace will prevail in many parts of the world. Countries like Singapore and Canada have certain minimum requirements for people who are contesting in the elections. Some of the requirements include clean criminal records, college education and a lot more.

Child Labor laws

It is a basic human thing that people have to understand. In many countries, children below a certain age are not allowed to employ in any kind of work. It is a punishable offence if they are employed. Germany has strict labor laws and children below the age of cannot be employed in any kind of work.



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